Snorkeling Vests

Snorkeling VestSnorkeling vests are great for people who are not strong swimmers and for children.  Snorkel vests are worn on the chest area to provide added buoyancy for the snorkeler.  They are not designed to be life preservers, but to provide just enough buoyancy to help the snorkeler stay at the water’s surface.   

A great advantage of wearing a snorkel vest is that less energy is required to move around in the water while wearing the vest. 

A disadvantage is that you cannot dive under the water while wearing a snorkeling vest, but that would not be a problem for most people.  Most people snorkeling would stay at the water's surface anyway and maybe start diving underwater once they are more experienced.

Many snorkeling tours require all people on the tour to wear a snorkeling vest.

Snorkeling vests are either filled with foam or are inflatable.  The inflatable vests are most common these days and normally have tube to blow air into, to inflate the vest.

Snorkel vests are often a bright color to provide better visibility of the snorkeler’s location.  Visibility can be very important especially if snorkeling near boats.