Featured Sets

US Divers Beginners/Value Snorkeling Set

This snorkeling set is great value and perfect for the beginner or occasional snorkeler.  

It consists of a Cozumel Mask, Seabreeze Dry Snorkel and Proflex II fins. 


The features are:


Cozumel Mask: 2 Window mask with clear skirt.  The “One size fits all” design is made to fit most adult’s faces and kids aged 10+.


Seabreeze Dry Snorkel: PVC mouthpiece.  Ergonomic designed barrel for comfortable placement.  One way purge valve.  Splash resistant splash guard.


Proflex II fins: Long blade Full-foot fins.  Available in a range of sizes. 


  • Small: Men's 5 to 6.5 / Women's 6.5 to 8
  • Medium: Men's 6.5 to 8 / Women's 8 to 9.5
  • Medium/Large: Men's 8 to 9.5 / Women's 9.5 to 11
  • Large: Men's 9.5 to 11 / Women's 11 to 12.5
  • X-Large: Men's 11.5 to 13 / Women's 13 to 14.5



Adult Body Glove Silicone Pro Snorkeling Set.

Dry Snorkel, Silicone Mask, Adjustable Fins & Bag.


Mask: Illuminary 2 Lens. Comfortable Silicon Skirt for a good fit.  Fits Medium to Large Faces.  Impact resistant glass for safety.  The Unique frame is specifically designed to allow additional light through the sides to highten vision.  Oversize lenses dramatically increase field of view compared to traditional masks.  Swivel and adjustable silicone mask strap.  Ergonomic quick-adjusting buckles

Snorkel: Body Glove Siren DRY Snorkel.  Dry Snorkel When submerge.  Silicone purge for effortless clearing.  Silicone mouth piece for additional comfort.  

Fins: Body Glove Quest Fins Vents for ease of use.  Open-heel design.  Comfortable fit with either socks or barefoot.   Patented Buckle System make strapping your foot in fast, secure, and easy. 

High Quality Bag: Bodyglove Mesh Gear Bag.  Mesh Style Bag For Mask, Snorkel, & Fins.  Constructed with a heavy duty mesh.  Fabric draw string closure on top to secure your gear.  Zippered Key Pocket. 

PLEASE NOTE: This package is sold in the raw goods form and does not come packed in a box or plastic shell.